Help us to achieve this great purpose! There is a great opportunity to contribute to the knowledge of lean and agile development! Now you can actively participate in the research. We will share the knowledge with all the participants and agile communities as soon as the research is finished!

Your benefit for participating:

This is a web survey on software development methodologies. The survey is a part of a research at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. The research is driven by a researcher of the Software Engineering Research Lab at the university. The research project title is:

Analysis of the application and integration of methodologies by software development companies

The survey consists of 7 steps.

  1. Warmup questions - questions regarding the respodent's background.
  2. Context information questions - the area of development, organization details
  3. Development process description - selection of agile and plan driven practices and their duration markup on a timeline.
  4. Agile adoption internal benefits perception
  5. Agile adoption internal limitations perception
  6. Agile adoption external benefits perception
  7. (optional) Agile adoption external limitations perception

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